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Coronavirus 7 - What should I be doing as a boss (and what shouldn't I be doing)?

I hope you are getting used to the new normal as a business owners and/or leader. 

Leadership is often dictated by circumstance, but what do good leaders do no matter the circumstances? And what do their staff want to see?

I have found the work of Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe the most representative of the world we live in. This is her and her team’s findings:

The Top Seven Qualities of a Leader

1. Shows Genuine Concern for Others 2. Seen as a Communicator, Networker and Achiever. 3. Trusts Others to Lead 4. Honest and Consistent 5. Accessible, Approachable and Flexible. 6. Decisive, Determined and Ready to Take Risks. 7. Able to Draw People Together with a Shared Vision

Only the leader can do the above - you can't delegate these!

Six Myths of Leadership 1. Never seen to be Vulnerable. 2. Maintains Emotional Distance from their people. 3. Knows all the Answers when asked. 4. Seen to be the best Professional  5. Sacrifices themselves in the interest of work. 6. Their view of Reality is the only one that Counts  What qualities and myths do you currently see in Boris Johnson and Donald Trump? How would you score yourself?

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