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How I Can Help You



I help business owners to grow their businesses and get things done. I believe that people have it within them to create a successful prosperous business that provides them with a great living. There is a path to business success and we can find it. Whatever may be stopping you from creating the business you dream of, we can overcome it.


I act as a thinking partner, assisting you to strategise, grow, troubleshoot, overcome obstacles, and stay true to your vision.


My approach is a blend of business coaching with mentoring and practical advice.


Here’s what I can help you with


  • Develop your vision and what you want to accomplish and why you want to accomplish it.

  • Evaluate your strategy and help design a sustainable business model.

  • Develop an effective way to connect with your existing and new clients.

  • Setting realistic goals, stay on track with your plans, and get things done.

  • Overcome fear, procrastination, and self-doubt.

  • Solve problems, eliminate obstacles, and avoid pitfalls.

  • Be there for you to bounce ideas off and alleviate the potential isolation of being in charge.


If what you’ve read so far sounds like I might be the right person for you and your business, let’s talk. I offer face to face coaching and short-term strategy sessions. For team coaching, workshops, or strategic planning sessions, I can travel to your location. I communicate by Skype, phone and email so you can work with me from anywhere.

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